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Once Upon A Time Daycare opened in August of 1990. Once Upon A Time is a infant/toddler daycare enrolling children from infancy to preschool age. We believe at this age children learn best through play. We offer plenty of hands-on activities throughout the day, as well as Kindergarten prep for preschoolers. A typical day will include reading, puzzles, drawing, building blocks and age appropriate games and activities. The children are taught proper care of materials, equipment, books and toys at this age. We also cover health, hygiene and nutrition in our daily routine.

Once Upon A Time believes children begin to develop morals and values as soon as they are able to communicate. As a caregiver in a very small setting we play an active role in character development as the child grows. 
Our daycare stress kindness with positive reinforcement.

​Our goal is to provide your child a learning experience in a comfortable setting. This list is what we will teach in our program to prepare your child for Kindergarten.
    * They are able to recognize colors, shapes and letters.
     *They will work with numbers, counting, comparing, grouping and identifying.
     *They will experiment with writing, drawing, cutting, and pretending to read, respond and discuss stories, recognize first and last name.
    * Follow simple directions.
     *They will experiment with opposites (Ex. big & little, long & short).
     *They will experience outdoor activities, run, jump, and play with their friends plus learning in our outdoor garden area.

​​​2 convenient Back Mountain Locations that grow with your child.

Where learning is magical!


5 Dug Road Shavertown Pa 18708

   137 Dug Road Wyoming PA 18644

Once Upon A Time Preschool & Kindergarten

Once Upon A Time Kindergarten


We are thrilled that you are interested in Once Upon A Time to be an integral part of your child’s growth and education.  Kindergarten is an exciting and important time for children, and we look forward to providing your child with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.


Our Educational Philosophy is simple- we aim to create a classroom environment that promotes safety, curiosity, teamwork, and encouragement. We utilize a positive behavior management system that encourages students to take accountability for their behaviors and to aim for personal improvement. 

We create lessons and activities that are developmentally appropriate and encourage higher-order thinking, as well as offering students a hands-on approach to tackling their own education. 


We greatly value family communication.  We regularly utilize the HiMama application to keep parents in constant contact with the classroom, and well as maintaining constant open channels of communication.  We encourage families to email or call our center at any time with questions or concerns, or to contact us to schedule a personal conference. 


We look VERY forward to enjoying the rest of this year with you and your child!  We are certain that our partnership will make this a valuable and productive school year!